Creative Age Symposium

Held in conjunction with the Creative Age Festival, this one-day symposium showcases various initiatives and opportunities that are enhancing the depth and breadth of the field of arts and aging. This symposium will provide you with an opportunity to energize and revitalize yourself by exploring new ideas, developing skills, sharing information and identifying opportunities for collaboration and growth in relation to creative aging. Be inspired by the many interesting and timely presentations on best practices, innovations, and research at this year's symposium! Our lead keynote speaker, Dr. Gene Cohen will describe the benefits of the arts, including how artistic engagement enhances the function of the aging brain. He will also highlight how research and other approaches and structures can help to create a creative future for seniors in the millennium. jil p. weaving will present on the accomplishments of the Vancouver Arts, Health and Seniors Project
Symposium Objectives:
1. Increasing awareness of initiatives in different areas in support of creative aging;
2. Networking, and sharing information.
3. Contributing to directions for policy, practice and research.
We anticipate that the symposium will be attended by decision makers, health professionals and arts and aging practitioners*, gerontologists, researchers, those working in arts, culture and heritage areas, students, interested seniors, senior arts practitioners, donors and others interested in the area of arts and aging. [ *Artists, art therapists, art educators, recreation therapists, occupational therapists, long term care workers, physicians, nurses, etc., as well others ]. We have a special registration offer for students, seniors and Greying Nation Conference participants!