Call Tracking

Call tracking software has been around since the nineties, and is rapidly gaining popularity. It is readily apparent why companies nationwide have decided to use this software. As a business it is imperative to advertise, and track ROI effortlessly and is conducive to any company! This software offers companies big or small, the statistics necessary to invest wisely and increase profit. It also provides a training implement, and the ability to maintain quality control from your employees. Accessing your advertising needs in one place is now available! It's as simple as logging onto your favorite website or an e-mail account, and I can promise you that this will become number one in your bookmark list!

What does Call tracking provide, and how does it work? With the click of a mouse you can retrieve every customers name, phone number, the advertising source, and access to real time and pre-recorded phone calls. A small business may only have one phone line, which means missed calls. With an account you are provided a toll free number for each advertising campaign. As soon as a customer calls the toll free number listed on your ad you have their information logged into the system. No more lost leads, which means no money lost! Business owners do not always have the time to oversee the interaction between sales representatives and potential clients, or customer service representatives and current clients. This is more important than some business owners realize. Listening to calls in can save a potential lead, or keep a current customer from taking their money to a different company. The capability to go back and listen to a phone call between your employees and your customers provides your company the upper hand in any situation.

Can call tracking make your company money? Yes! For any company that has multiple advertising campaigns, it is crucial to have the ability to track returns on your investments. Tracking your campaigns can be tedious. Are you too busy or tired of having to follow a paper trail in order to find out which advertising campaign is making money for your company? Signing into your account is all that is necessary in order to look at real time reports and analytics. Logging information and running reports only once a month can waste time and money. Start keeping track of your investments and leads in one place!

In closing, using a great call tracking system is a great way to improve your ROI from your marketing budget by reallocating money to what works best.

Daniel Bernal is the Vice President at Dynamic Interactive Corp. which offers call tracking services nationwide at a great price.