I do not know about you, but most print posters these days are starting to look boring.  No one really thinks too creatively in poster printing today. In more and more instances, I see rehashed poster designs, and template driven layouts. If you find yourself doing this kind of poster printing, I will tell you now that you should try better ways. In this article, I will share with you my own "out of the box" ideas for interesting poster designs.

1. More than rectangle posters.

First, let us break the most common rule in posters and that is its shape. A poster is usually a rectangle with a height longer than its width. While this is the standard dimension to produce posters, it is not necessarily the only way to go to print them. Keep in mind that you can dictate the poster dimensions you want. So if your design merits it, you can have square posters, triangle posters and many other shaped posters. By just changing the shape, you can alter your poster look for the better.

2. Holes are not a sign of bad poster printing.

Placing holes in a poster is another great and unusual idea. Holes of course do not mean that the poster was printed badly. You can actually add holes purposefully in a poster as a design feature. For example, you can place a hole in your design representing how you "cut a hole" in your prices so that people get discounts. Also you can use the hole artistically by placing the poster in such a way as to display something behind it, such as your newest product. There are plenty of ways you can do this type of design, and people will be very interested in it since they do not usually find holes in a color poster.

3. Interactivity is memorable.

Interactive posters are also a great out of the box idea. By letting people touch the poster and manipulate parts of it, people should easily remember that strange kind of poster. Adding movable things such as a moving hands, hidden gifts and changeable symbols can go a long way and people will always be curious and move these things in an interactive poster.

4. Glints, glows and lights.

You can also use the power of alternate materials for your color posters. For example, you can use glittering inks to add a magical effect on part of your design. You can also add in glow in the dark materials so that your posters can be seen at night. Also, some people have found success in using small battery powered LED lights that blink within a poster to emphasize key design features. These techniques may of course cost a bit, but people will definitely be curious as to what is up with these glinting and glowing posters.

5. Fragrant posters.

The sense of smell can also be a factor in a custom poster design. Adding floral fragrances such as the ones in stationeries can add this interesting dimension to your posters. Some even use unusual fragrances like vanilla and chocolate to attract people. Since smell is connected to memory, you should be well assured that people will indeed remember your fragrant posters and its message.

Cool ideas right? Hopefully that inspires you to think more out of the box with your own poster designs. As long as it is distinct from the norm, there will be no doubt that your posters will get noticed. So try an out of the box idea for your next poster printing.

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Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.